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RevolverMaps Standard

This widget displays all visitor locations as well as recent hits with city, state and country information live and in realtime. A click on the enlarge button opens the live statistics page.

Configure your globe:


1. Select a Globe

2. Choose Dimensions:

 You need it smaller? Have a look at the Mini Globe!

3. Choose Colors:

dot color:   #

background color:   #

4. Advanced Settings:

visitor counter stars

code options:

JavaScript version, displays 2D map if Flash Player is not installed (recommended)

HTML version, try this one if the JavaScript version fails on your profile


show sample background

5. Copy The Code To Your Site...*

Can't install this widget on your profile? Try the HTML-Map or the HTML-Button!

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NASA Visible Earth | Avengina | MyOGL | MyIP | Colorpicker

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RevolverMaps are customizable visitor map widgets combined with a live traffic trace function.
The easy setup makes the free tools and service available for private and professional webmasters, webdesigners, bloggers, social networkers...